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XL Businesspark Twente

Container Terminal Twente is successful

due to explosive increase in container transport at XL Businesspark Twente

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October 23, 2018

The newest terminal is situated in Almelo at the XL Businesspark Twente, directly situated at the highway A35/A1 and a cay of 350 m1 at the Twente Canal. The terminal is full service and went operational in the last year and already processed approximately 5.000 containers. CTT expects a growth at this terminal in the next years to approximately 30.000 containers, an increase of almost 84%.

This explosive growth is a result of the developments of T-Port Logistic Campus of Heylen Warehouses and the start-up activities of Bleckmann for V-Tech Europe. Further growth of container flow seems guaranteed by the future expansion the T-port Logistic Campus and expansion of Timberland Europe.

This , once again, proves that XL Businesspark Twente, the perfect multi-modal location is in the Netherlands and Western-Europe.

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